General information

  • Funding Institution: CNCS – UEFISCDI, Bilateral projects
  • Project number: PN-III-P3-236
  • Contract number: 108BM / 2017
  • Period: April 2017 - December 2018
  • Total Amount: 30000 Lei (6593 EUR)
  • Project summary:
      The present proposal aims to investigate the relations between stress, physical health and psychological health in a population of students above 45 years old. We consider that traditional stress models diminished the role of physical health, and we suggest that physical health can be an stressor independent from other psychosocial demands. We propose two longitudinal research studies to investigate a) possible causal relations between physical and psychological health, and b) self-regulatory processes that might moderate these causal relations. The research team consists of 12 researchers from three Romanian universities, and 3 researchers from Université Catholique de Louvain.
  • Team:
  • Final activity report for April 2017 - December 2018: click here to access the pdf format

Project's objectives:

  • O1. The first research study is aims to investigate the expected causal relations between physical and psychological health, using a multi-wave research design.

  • O2. To investigate the self-regulatory role of self-efficacy.

Disseminating results*:

*All materials are with grant's acknowledgements.

Manuscripts submitted for publication

  • Maricuțoiu, L.P., & Sulea, C. (2018). Evolution of student engagement and student core burnout during a semester. A multilevel structural equation modelling approach. Manuscript under review at Stress & Health
  • Paloș, R., Maricuțoiu, L.P., & Costea, I. (2018). Relations between academic achievement, student engagement and student burnout: a cross-lagged analysis of a two-wave study. Manuscript under review at Studies in Educational Evaluation.
  • Curșeu, P.L., Rusu, A., Măgurean, S., Maricuțoiu, L.P., Vîrgă, D. (2018). Identified and engaged: a multi-level dynamic model of identification with the group and performance in collaborative learning. Manuscript under review at Applied Psychology: An International Review .